Medical Malpractice and Hospital Liability Defense

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New York and New Jersey professional liability attorneys protect your practice and reputation

Many of WSSG’s attorneys focus on medical malpractice and professional liability defense, representing physicians, dentists, nurses and other health care professionals, organizations, hospitals, nursing homes and their insurance carriers and Risk Retention Groups (RRGs) in civil lawsuits and investigations by the New York State Department of Health (OPMC).   

Experienced trial attorneys provide effective defense 

When you face a medical or dental malpractice lawsuit, OPMC or OPD investigation, licensing or credentialing issue, you need legal representation of the highest quality and reputation. We understand the threat and distraction these legal proceedings pose to your individual or group practice, hospital or nursing home. For that reason, each claim receives thoughtful evaluation and a skillful response. 

The key to a successful defense is our ability to identify accurately and early the critical issues that often determine the outcome of the case. WSSG’s attorneys have experience and a depth of knowledge in numerous areas of medicine, associated standards of care, the risks and complications of medical treatment, and the complexities and challenges health care professionals face every day in caring for their patients. Just as every patient is different, no two malpractice cases are the same. Our knowledge and experience allow us to carefully weigh, scrutinize and respond to the allegations against our clients and the purported facts underlying plaintiffs’ claims.

Since 1984, our firm has established a reputation and a record of success defending health care professionals against malpractice claims. To review our record, click here for our representative cases.

Personal attention throughout the legal process

We also understand the emotional toll that a malpractice claim can take on you. Our attorneys work closely with you to understand every aspect of the case, but also to listen to your concerns and provide the sound advice and support you need. We make sure you have the information necessary to make an informed decision about the direction of your case and the strategy of your defense. Our personal attention and dedication give you the peace of mind to focus your attention on caring for your patients.

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