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Real Estate and Commercial Finance Law Firm Drives Successful Collaborations

WSSG is a full-service commercial law firm with vast experience in New York and New Jersey real estate finance agreements and closings. WSSG’s attorneys capably serve as lead counsel for lenders engaged in complex financial arrangements for high-value real estate purchases. We have the knowledge to negotiate advantageous terms in secure transactions, while guarding against any foreseeable default event. Through a diligent, detailed review of purchase agreements, we can move the most intricate commercial real estate transactions forward to a swift and successful closing.

Experienced representation for all manner of commercial real estate transactions

When you retain WSSG, you benefit from the depth and breadth of our commercial real estate experience. Since 1998, we have orchestrated numerous complex finance agreements, requiring intense scrutiny of:

  • Basic loan terms
  • Prepayment penalties
  • Collateral requirements
  • Representations and warranties
  • Default triggers and remedies
    • Notice requirements
    • Grace and cure periods
    • "Cross-default" provisions
    • Judgment defaults
    • MAC defaults
  • Loan covenants
  • Subordinate financing
  • Transfer rights
  • Related party transactions
  • Closing costs
  • Commercial loan modifications
  • Lien conflict and resolution
  • Recourse liability
  • Affiliated company guaranties
  • Subordination agreements
  • Leasing parameters
  • Renewal conditions

Innovative New York and New Jersey attorneys negotiate and resolve commercial loan issues

In commercial finance, WSSG actively assists lenders in designing secure, reliable transactions. We are engaged from term sheet through closing, offering sound advice in plain, unambiguous language that minimizes the possibility of future conflicts. For distressed transactions, our proven negotiators manage loan workouts and restructures. Our litigation practice enforces default provisions in a timely manner that minimizes risk. We also have prosecuted numerous foreclosure cases for lenders in a cost-effective manner.

Proven results from accomplished real estate closing attorneys

As your representative in a commercial real estate closing, WSSG exercises due diligence to safeguard your participation in the purchase. We prepare the purchase and sales agreement, identify and cure encumbrances, and verify that sellers and purchasers have met their obligations. Our detailed approach to every element of your real estate transaction ensures that you receive the legal advice you need to eliminate pitfalls and maximize your potential for success.

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